Sellers of real estate

Do you own a property in Portugal and want to sell it for some reason? The specialists of Portugality company will help you to do this as soon as possible, and take lead on the full organization and support of this process.

Why selling with Portugality?

Representative offices of Portugality company are located in the most popular regions among customers – Lisbon and the Algarve. The company’s specialists have ten years’ experience at the Portuguese real estate market.

The agency has established an excellent reputation among the customers from different countries: Russia, Portugal, Kazakhstan. Due to extensive measures to promote its services at these markets, the company is constantly expanding the range of potential customers. Participation in exhibitions, posting on thematic portals and other media provide direct contact with the target audience.

Portugality company has a vast network of partners connected with the real estate market: law firms, banks, insurance companies, engineering offices, other real estate agencies.

Portugality agency uses simple and understandable contracts with transparent conditions between the buyer and the seller, and when signing an exclusive contract provides professional photography of your real estate objects.

Stages of selling process. Seller’s documents

At the very beginning of cooperation on organizing the sale of a property in Portugal, the owner should provide the agency with a full package of documents.

Certidão predial do imóvel. This document is issued by the Conservatoria da Registo Predial and shows the legal status of the object. It contains the name of the owner, the area and the number of rooms, debts and mortgage for the object, if any. The information on debts and mortgage must necessarily be reflected in the contract and should be available to potential buyers.

Certidão predial do imóvel can be ordered in several ways. In any Conservatoria da Registo Predial office you can receive an uncertified hard copy of the document, paying 1 Euro per page, or copying to an electronic media (flash drive) for 50 cents. The validity period of the document is 6 months. In exceptional cases, when the document does not exist in digital form, it can be obtained only at the place of registration of the object.

You can also request a version of the document online (electronic form) for a period of 6 months, for which you need to pay 20 Euros.

In addition, you can get the access code on the portal for receiving any up-to-date information. In this case, the document can be obtained online, the validity period is 6 months, the price is 15 Euros.

Caderneta Predial is a document issued by the tax authority and contains information on the fiscal situation of an object and its owner. This document can be requested by the owner free of charge on Portal das Finanças portal, if the owner has senha de acesso or in any tax office for 8 Euros.

Alvará de Licença de Utilização. This document is issued by the Camara Municipal municipality. A certified copy of the license can be obtained from the local municipality, the prices vary in each of them. Alvará de Licenca de Utilização is mandatory for buildings after 1951.

Ficha Técnica de habitação is only required for living accommodations. This is a technical passport of an object that describes its main characteristics.

This document is transferred to the owner at the time of buying a property. If the owner does not have it, then you can order a copy from the real estate developer or the local municipality, the price varies in different municipalities.

If the building is dated after 2004, then it is necessary to have Planta de localização for a house / land parcel. It is needed to understand if the area and location of the parcel corresponds to those claimed by owner. It is requested in the local municipality.

Planta de fracção is the plan of the house / apartment, contains information on the area of all rooms, their location. Ideally, this information must correspond to the reality, which is important when presenting the object to the buyer. It is requested in the local municipality.

Certificado Energetico is a document issued by a licensed body and containing information on the energy class of an object and its economical efficiency. From December 1, 2013, the certificate is mandatory already at the stage of the promotion of the property, since any announcement of the sale / rent of the property must contain information about the class of the object, the non-fulfillment penalty is from 2500 Euros.

After the transfer of the full package of documents to the agency, the object is published on all resources of the agency and should be available for display to customers. The seller can also fully entrust collection and verification of the documents to the agency.

The next selling step in the sale process is reserving an object for a specific client, usually for a period of 14 days. After the reservation, the buyer must transfer the necessary collateral to the agency (from 500 to 5000 Euros, depending on the value of the object), both sides, at the same time, sign an agreement of intent (preliminary contract of sale). The final stage is the closure of a deal, the signing of the contract of sale at a notary’s, after which the notary registers the transfer of ownership within 15 days.

In case of using bank funds (mortgage), a representative of the bank is required.

Tips from Portugality agency

1. In order to protect yourself from errors, loss of time and financial losses, do not sell the property yourself, contact the specialized agencies.

2. Repair the property, make cosmetic repairs, if necessary, remove personal belongings, get rid of old furniture and accessories.