Golden Visa – Residence permit for investors

1. Consulting on the process of obtaining a residence permit for investor and his family.

2. Gathering necessary documents and monitoring of requirements for preparation and supervision of sale.

3. Power of attorney Golden Visa application and the subsequent receipt of Golden Visa cards.

4. Application for a residence permit and control of the process with regular feedback to the client.

5. Preparation and submission of documents for renewal of residence permit and control of the process.

6. Preparation of documents and application for Portuguese citizenship.

7. Translation and certification of documents from the country of residence required to obtain a residence permit (certificate of no criminal record, birth certificate and marriage certificate, bank documents and etc.).

Buy with Portugality

1. Introduction to the real estate market in Portugal, properties selection based on individual client´s request.

2. Consultation on the necessary documents for the purchase and initial contact with the client in his home country.

3. Preparation of the trip to Portugal: flights, accommodation, meeting at the airport.

4. Arranging visits of the selected properties.

5. Help in choosing the most suitable offer and bargaining with the seller.

6. Advice on Taxes and Levies for the transaction.

7. Translation of documents, registration of the Portuguese Tax Number, opening a bank account.

8. Counseling on crediting issues.

9. Examination of selected property documents, Property reservation, Promissory contract.

10. Conduct of the sale and registration of property rights in Finance and Land offices.

11. Implementation of the deal by proxy.

Sell your Property

1. Help in determining the appropriate market value.

2. Assistance in the collection of documents.

3. Consultation on the capital gains tax.

4. Promotion at the national and international portals, social networks.

5. Promotion of the property in the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Ukraine.

6. Professional photos.

7. Assistance in ordering of the energy certificate.

8. Consultation on the preparation of property for sale.

Investment Consulting and Business Consulting

1. Search, analysis and support in acquisition of real estate for investment purposes.

2. Consultation on financial and tax matters.

3. Examination of documents of the project.

4. Assistance in creation and opening of the company.

5. Legal assistance for the acquisition of real estate, lease contracts, construction work.

6. Assistance in matters of bank lending.

7. Selection of construction companies.

8. Supervision of construction works.

9. Assistance for the implementation of completed projects.

10. Recruitment.

11. Search of tenants.

After Sale and Property Management

Property Management

1. Delivery of real estate long-term lease: search for tenants, preparation of lease contracts, registration of agreements with the tax authorities, advice on taxation.

2. Letting property in short-term lease (rental): advice on registration and taxes, registration of licenses for this type of activity, search for clients, complete property management during the lease.

3. Filing up the documents for the tax reporting.

After Sale

1. Assistance in the purchase of furniture, equipment and decoration.

2. Contracts with suppliers of utilities: electricity, gas, water, internet.

3. Assistance in installation of air conditioning, solar panels, alarm system, Internet, satellite TV, etc.

4. Assistance in dealing with condominium.

5. Assistance in the selection of companies for the repair work, request estimates, monitoring of work performance.

6. Assistance in the selection of the architect, construction company, tracking and reporting on the implementation of construction works.

7. Supervision of the property when the owner is out of Portugal.

Integration to Portugal

1. Help in communication with banks, utility companies, government agencies, health organizations.

2. Assistance in matters of insurance.

3. Help in buying vehicles.

4. Selection of schools for children, registration of children in schools, translation of the necessary documents.

5. Search for tutors for adults and children.

6. Subscription to language courses.

7. Selection of domestic staff (nurses, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, etc.).